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Quran recital – need members Tickets
Nov 24 all-day


I’m looking to setup a what’s app group where the aim is to complete the Quran per day depending on how many people join.

We would look to complete one juz per person per day. However this can be agreed as some may only have the time to read half a juz.

The idea is to encourage the reading on a regular basis and also every Thursday.

I’m hoping to send what we’ve read as Isaal-e-Sawaab for first and foremost Rasulullah (saw), the Sahaba and sahabiyat (as), Ahl al-Bayt, those people who have participated for their families and then the entire Muslim ummah from the start to the end.

If you like to join then please message me with your name and number and I will add you. Inshallah we will start ASAP.

Jazakumullahu khairan

In Pursuit of Greatness (Islamic Institute for Development & Research ) @ London & Online Tickets
Dec 8 @ 8:08 am – Dec 9 @ 9:08 am
In Pursuit of Greatness (Islamic Institute for Development & Research ) @ London & Online @ London & Online | London | England | United Kingdom

The Quran addresses Prophet Muhammad (s) and states: ‘And verily in the example of the Messenger of Allah you have an excellent exemplar’. This unique two day course will explore the life of Prophet Muhammad as a great role model in four distinctive capacities: father, teacher, leader and entrepreneur.

Each session will highlight the Prophet’s practice and behaviour and the traits which make him a perfect role model for humanity to be emulated across all ages.

The Prophet (s) as a Father will shed light on his role in parenting his children. Exploring in detail his relationship with his daughter Sayyida Fatima, this session will provide a unique perspective on raising children in a holistic and integrated model.

As a Teacher, the legacy of the Prophet (s) is timeless. He was a teacher par excellence. His pedagogy of teaching was unique and meticulous. He taught with his presence, behaviour and knowledge.

Transformational leadership is at the heart of contemporary leadership studies. The session on the Prophet (s) as a Leader will highlight the unique paradigm of leadership which the Prophet embodied and the 11 qualities of prophetic leadership.

Much has been written about entrepreneurship and Islam. The Prophet in the early part of his life was an entrepreneur and even after prophethood the entrepreneurship mindset was always evident. The Prophet (s) as an Entrepreneur will explore the prophet’s entrepreneurial journey and how he excelled in identifying opportunities, communicating his vision, strategic thinking, dedication and commitment and how he mastered the art of being solutions focussed.

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Learn Online with IIDR
Not free to join us in person but don’t want to miss out? With our live streaming option you can watch the course from your device also have access to the course recording afterwards for up to 42 days. All online attendees will receive a PDF version of the course materials (where available), so you won’t miss a thing. Get registering now.