1yr Islamic Studies Diploma Course 2018/19 - G'Gow DAY (iSyllabus UK) @ Glasgow Al-Meezan


September 25, 2018 @ 9:45 am – May 28, 2019 @ 10:45 am
44 141 427 7001
1 Rowan Rd
Glasgow G41

iSyllabus 1 Year Islamic Studies Diploma Course is designed to give Muslims of all backgrounds confidence in themselves by empowering them with Islamic knowledge they can trust.

– Want to take your understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah to the next level?

– Feel that your practice of Islam is purely mechanical and without soul?

– Tired and confused by hearing so many different opinions to the same question?

– Feel the need to make sense of what you read on the Web or in books?

– Wonder why there are so many opinions out there on one issue?

If you relate to any of the questions above then the iSyllabus Diploma Course is for you!

*** What is iSyllabus? ***

– iSyllabus is an exciting educational initiative seeking to produce the next generation of faith-inspired thought leaders in the West.

– Designed in close collaboration with knowledge providers and students, it is structured to provide applicants with a clear and authentic presentation of the essentials of the Islamic faith, laying the groundwork for extensive future study.

– The Diploma course serves as an excellent entry to a nuanced yet fulfilling experience of the Islamic sciences as they relate to both the individual and society in the 21st Century.

– The modules and material is fully integrated and refined so as to cover core hermeneutical concepts in a graded manner and incorporates life-hacks that make living one’s faith a fulfilling experience. The course both contextualises core texts as well as enhances the spiritual aspect of one’s religious observance.

To find out more information and to apply please visit our website at: www.isyllabus.org