Al-Ghazali - Letter To A Disciple (Arabic & English) (Guidance Hub) @ Manchester Waterloo Centre


September 23, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
£16.49 – £32.39
Waterloo Centre
389 Waterloo Rd
Manchester M8 9AB
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The Advice of Imam al-Ghazali to a Disciple.
A seminar based on the Classical Arabic Text Ayyuhal Walad
The Arabic and English (Book Provided RRP £13.99) of this text will be covered in this seminar.

Delivered by: Dr Amin Al-Astewani

“There is a lump of flesh in the body, the nature of which is that when it is sound, the entire body is sound, and when it is corrupt, the entire body is corrupt. It is the heart.”

(Related in Bukhari and Muslim)

The root of all our problems lies within our very hearts. The only remedy therefore is to cure our hearts of the spiritual diseases they harbour, but where, and how, do we begin? In our busy lives, how could we ever learn about even the basics of something as profound and immense as the spiritual heart?

In the 11th century, a scholar, became concerned that he could not identify the beneficial knowledge that would truly safeguard his heart and serve him in the next world. In this moment of spiritual crisis, he turned to his teacher, Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, for crucial advice.

Al-Ghazali’s letter in response, Ayyuhal Walad (Dear Beloved Child), distinguished in both its eloquence and remarkable brevity, constitutes a comprehensive series of advices to his beloved student. Covering all elements of life, from seeking material wealth to discovering the realities of the self, it summarizes the essential elements necessary to go about curing the heart and improving its condition in this world and the next.

Like the student of Al-Ghazali, we find ourselves facing spiritual crisis, albeit in the setting of the unique challenges of a chaotic post-modern world. It is a world that is in dire need of purified hearts as much as we are in need of a purified heart for our own personal salvation in the Hereafter. The first step in treating a disease is recognizing the problem. The next step is seeking the cure.

The Arabic text along with the English translation will be followed in this seminar.

Ages 14+

Males & Females Welcome

Open to Muslims and Non-Muslims


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