Dream Interpretation Seminar with Shaykh Adnaan Raja (Guidance Hub) @ Manchester Waterloo Centre


October 28, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
£21.79 – £32.39
Waterloo Centre
389 Waterloo Rd
Manchester M8 9AB
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What are dreams? Where are they from? What do they mean?
Islamic dream interpretation teaches us that a good dream is from God; an evil dream from Satan and other dreams are from one’s own thinking.

Dreams are a universal phenomenon, a messenger to us from the unknown. They are voices from our collective sub-conscious; warners of any disturbance to the psyche; bearer of glad tidings of good things to come; or echoes of happy, sad, or long hidden memories.

Guidance Hub have teamed up with ISNAD Insitute and Essential Islam for this unique course with Shaykh Adnaan Raja (Birmingham). Students will insha’Allah learn to critically analyse their dreams from an Islamic perspective, whilst building a foundation that allows them to categorise types of dreams and their relevant meaning.

1 Day Intensive Seminar | Everyone Welcome | Seperate Seating for Sisters | Enrolment Required | Limited Admissions

1020 Arrival

1030 Session 1

1130 Break

1150 Session 2

1300 Lunch & Zhuhr

1400 Session 3

1500 Break

1515 Session 4

1615 Finish

Shaykh Adnaan Raja is the co-founder of the ISNAD Institute, where he is the Curriculum Director. He is also the Course Leader for Linguistic Studies at the Institute for Leadership, Birmingham.

Beginning his studies in 2007 – under the tutelage of Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen – Shaykh Adnaan quickly developed into a serious student of the sacred knowledge, furthering his studies with Shaykh Mufti Yar Muhammad Khan, and then with the late and great erudite scholar, Allamah Shaykh Ghulam Muhammad Tonswi.

Shaykh Adnaan has translated many notable works from Arabic into English and is currently studying MA Applied Linguistics at the University of Birmingham.