Foundations Of Knowledge (Sabeel Sisters) @ Central London London UK


September 28, 2018 @ 11:00 am – September 30, 2018 @ 12:00 pm
London UK
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Course Introduction
Islām is a universal message for all nations and all people. It is suitable for all times and places. Its message is applicable today as it was when it was revealed. Mankind today is in need of its mercy and justice just as they did when it first emerged. Islamic tarbiyah represents the methodology by which practical implementation of Islamic Law is realized since Islam is not only concerned with the dimensions of knowledge, understanding and creed: it desires one to put into practice its teachings, and knowledge is the means to correct application. This knowledge is what maps out the guidance for a person. All the prophets brought this guidance, the last of them being our Prophet Muhammad (SAW). So we begin our study and focus with these foundations: tarbiyah, knowledge and learning. The intent is to manifest its fruits upon our hearts and limbs and continue to do so throughout our lives. Indeed, we all know that education is fundamental to the success of any individual, and with so much to learn and so little time, how do we make the right choices? How do we keep motivated and achieve what we have in mind? This course will explore a range of topics from examining how to judge the importance/benefit of a discipline and how to approach it, to contextualising learning in relation to both this life and the Hereafter. By the time you complete this course, you should be able to contextualise much of the thoughts and notions you have regarding your aims and objectives in life and also having gained an indispensable framework with which you continue your learning and experiences.
Learning Outcomes
What You Will Learn:

Being the Best You Can Be
Distinctive Qualities
The Concept of Tarbiyah
Tarbiyah vs. Knowledge-seeking and Teaching
Importance of Tarbiyah
Theory of Knowledge
Reasoning Framework
The Knowledge Map
Importance and Virtues of Knowledge
High Aspirations
Knowledge Demands Action
Consequences of Sinning
Attachment to Allah and the Hereafter
Patience and Perseverance
Planning your Study
Obligatory Knowledge
How to Prioritise what you learn
Memorisation vs. Understanding
Pitfalls in Knowledge-seeking