Halal but Un-Islamic (IIDR) @ London London Uk


September 15, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 6:30 pm
£29 - £45
0330 133 0056
London Uk
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The last 300 years of Muslim history has witnessed the gap between law and ethics widen. Over time, the discipline of law has repeatedly lost its connection with the ethical aspect of Islam. The Islamic faith has been reduced to a simplistic code of halal and haram. But could something halal also technically be un-Islamic? It can be and it is. Discover how and why at this unique one day course on Saturday 15th September.

When fiqh is separated from ethics, the phenomenon of the ‘halal but un-Islamic’ materialises. Let Shaykh Sharif MH al-Banna, one of our most popular lecturers and IIDR Founder, guide you through this legal and ethical minefield. Expect to cover the methods behind legal juristic thought and the role of ethics in our everyday lives. You will consider topical subjects from an entirely new view, such as:

Food: Whilst the meat we consume may be halal, is the entire animal’s eco-system?
Finance: what is ‘Islamic’ about Islamic Finance beyond dealing with legal loopholes in order to frame it as Shariah-compliant?
Art and Music: How do we justify the celebrity obsession and pop culture that has crept into the ‘Islamic’ nasheed and music industry?
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