Inspired By Her - The Great Women of Islam (Human Relief Foundation - London) @ London The Atrium London


May 20, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
44 20 7729 8989 / 079 5064 5378
The Atrium London
124-126 Cheshire St
London E2 6EJ
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Join us for a night to celebrate and learn about The Great Women of Islam – “Inspired by her” brings you a great evening to celebate the four perfect women of Jannah – Come along to…

– Learn the patience from Asiyah (Wife of pharoah) Story covered by Shahanaz Begum

– Loyalty from Khadijah (Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) first wife) – Story covered by Esharat Nasar-Ahmed

– Purity from Maryam (Mother of ISA) Story covered by Marzuqa Karima

– Steadfastness from Fatimah (Daughter of Prophet Muhammad pbuh) Story covered by Ameena Blake

This event is a free 3 course meal iftar dinner to brothers and sisters. All family members are welcomed! *Subject to registration – Eventbrite tickets*

Event hosted Ayman Marwa / Quran recitation by Mikhaael Mala

Any question or any info you need about the event call/text Juweyria – 079 5064 5378 or email;