Islam and Sexuality (Islamic Institute for Development and Research) @ Aldgate, London London & Online


August 4, 2018 @ 9:00 am – August 5, 2018 @ 6:30 pm
£49 - £57
London & Online
Mitre House 12-14
12-14 Mitre Street, London EC3A 5BU
United Kingdom
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Did you know that there are over 80 sexual references in the Quran? And that the person who spoke about sex most openly and honestly was the Prophet Muhammad (s)? Did you know about the contribution of Muslim thinkers to the educational field of sexology? It’s a growing discipline that studies the effect of human sexuality on the self and society. Isn’t it time we talked about it more openly in a faith context?

For the very first time, IIDR is offering a mature exploration of sex and sexuality from a scientific and an Islamic perspective. In this brand new course you can expect to study the biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual aspects of sexuality.

We live in a society where sexuality is becoming all too relevant at younger and younger ages. If we as adults do not know how to intellectually engage in this dialogue with our peers, how can we expect to broach the subject in an Islamic way with the younger generation when the time comes? It’s time to talk. Honestly, accurately and islamically. Whether you’re an education or health professional who encounters these issues at work, or simply a concerned parent who wants to know how to broach the subject with their children, this is course is for you.

Topics will include:

Sexuality in the Quran
Common sexual issues relating to men and women
When bad theology leads to bad sexology
Abuse: Female genital mutilation
Sexual orientation
The psychology of love and sex
Sexual frustration and addiction
Erotic intelligence
Ethical issues in the field of sexology
The latest research in the field; and much more.
This groundbreaking seminar will be taught by Imam Yassir Fazaga, a renowned scholar and professional therapist who has special training in sex therapy. Expect a highly informative, positive and islamically proper course. Find a safe space to discuss these issues where all are welcome and mutual respect is key.

This course is supported by Penny Appeal.


Online Live Streaming – If you prefer to attend this class online, we can make that happen. All online attendees will receive a PDF version of the course material and password protected access to the course recording afterwards. To be a part of this revolutionary course on faith-based sex education, register as an online student.