Islam & Homosexuality (IIDR) @ Mile End, London Queen Mary University of London


January 20, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 6:30 pm
£29 - £35
0330 133 0056
Queen Mary University of London
Mile End Rd
London E1 4NS

Islam & Homosexuality is a groundbreaking one day course that explores the Islamic perspectives on homosexuality as part of IIDR’s Critical Reflection Series.

We need to adopt a multi-faceted approach when dealing with the question of Islam and homosexuality. Merely stating the normative position of the Abrahamic faiths does not allow for a nuanced discourse. Deeper questions arise – that of how ‘good and bad’ or ‘moral and immoral’ are determined. At this stimulating new course, explore freedom of belief and practice, equality and human rights, biological imperatives and sexual orientation, sexuality and identity, and so much more. This course will attempt to present a methodology in navigating the Islamic, theological and moral stances in an age of moral relativity.

The course will address the following questions:

How is good/bad and moral/immoral determined in Islam?
What do the primary Islamic texts – Quran and Prophetic narratives, say about homosexuality?
Is there evidence of people with diverse sexual orientations at the time of Prophet Muhammad (s) and if so, what were the implications of that?
To what extent is sexual orientation pre-determined?
What is the relationship between fitra and sexuality?
Can Muslims reconcile between Islam’s theological stance on homosexuality and supporting the rights/freedom of others who hold a contrary position and wish to be treated equally?
Are Islamic teachings homophobic?
Can homosexuals – Muslims or non-Muslims – ever be discriminated against?
What right does Islam or any other faith have to dictate moral norms which infringe on the basic human right of choosing one’s sexuality?
How do we navigate universal truths in an age of moral relativism? And much more…
Join us by registering now for this one day study on homosexuality, and leave informed on every aspect of Islam’s true views on the subject.