Marriage Matchmaking Event (Nisful Imaan Marriage Service) @ London Brick Lane Jamme Masjid


August 26, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
020 7247 7719 / 07985 224655
Brick Lane Jamme Masjid
59 Brick Ln
London E1 6QL
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This event is to help muslim brothers and sisters to find their future spouse in a halal way.
About this Event
Nisful Imaan Marriage Service introduces Marriage Matchmaking event where muslim brothers and sisters can find their future spouse in an halal way.

How it works – in detail…

– Arrival, registration and profile completion, ID number and Username/Password will be given to each person. (Once you have paid on Eventbrite please contact our Event Team on 07985224655 so that we can send you a link to complete your profile)

– In short our events is structured two parts – Group ice-breakers and then followed by one-to-one meeting with the participants and we have devised an in-house Marriage Event Website to facilitate the whole process.

– A person who is interested in participating in the event will be asked to fill in a profile on our Marriage Event Website, a link will be sent after registration and payment (usually a week before the event) and the profile will contain basic biographical information as well as space to add what you hope to offer a potential spouse and you they are looking for. We will be explaining how the Event Matchmaking system works on the day.

Group ice-breakers

Each individual is assigned a numbered badge to enable clear identification. In order to create an environment that is consistent with Islamic principles, the format of our events is carefully managed to minimise unnecessary ‘free-mixing’ while ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to be introduced. While some Muslim marriage events have chosen to replicate Western styles of ‘speed-dating’ based on one-to-one meetings lasting 2-3 minutes, we have developed an alternative method based on a group rotation that allows for all participants to meet within initial small groups where, with the help of a group facilitator, participants are encouraged to introduce themselves and offer responses to a series of ice-breaker questions with some light-hearted questions. After introductions in small groups, the women remain seated while men are asked to move onto the next group and continue introductions and rotations until all participants have been introduced. People are encouraged to make note of anyone they are interested in speaking to further.

Group ice-breaking sessions are facilitated in circles of around 5 male’s and 5 female’s, which provide an opportunity to meet and view in an Islamic manner, gauge opinions and standpoints in life before making an ‘informed’ decision whether to meet the person later on. Group sessions are chaired by experienced facilitators maintaining the conversations which last around on average 7-10 minutes.

One-to-One meetings

The second part of the event focuses on facilitating one-to-one meetings between interested parties where they are free to exchange contact details if they choose to. Friends or mahrams are strongly encouraged to attend to give moral support in the whole process. We try to arrange a minimum of 5 meetings or more subject to interest from both parties. We can not promise interest from either side and can not take blame for no interest at all. All confirmed meetings, declines, interests, follow ups after the event, and viewing of profiles are managed through our Marriage Event Website

Follow up Services

Most participants tend to meet everyone at the event and exchange details but we also give the opportunity to communicate after the event via our online database service – – Full details of the follow up service is explained on the day of the event.

Need Assistance?

You can contact our Events team Monday – Saturday 11am to 5pm on 020 7247 7719 / 07985 224655 and we will be happy to help you. You may also visit our office at Brick Lane Jamme Masjid, 59 Brick Lane, 2nd Floor London, E1 6QL. We also provide other services which info are available on our website at