Necklace of Pearls Stories of the Sahabiyaat (Rumi's Cave) @ Carlton Vale,London Rumi's Cave


March 17, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Rumi's Cave
Carlton Vale
London NW6 5QJ
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Intertwined with the life, journey and work of Prophet Mohammed (sallahu alahi wa sallam) are the stories of many people, known as Sahaba, or Companions.

Necklace of Pearls tells the stories of some of the Sahabia, the extraordinary women whose faith, skills and qualities are woven into the fabric of those first Muslim communities in Makka and Madina.

Necklace of Pearls is a multi sensory storytelling piece, seeking to find the connections with our lives now and our spiritual grandmothers, A-Sahabiyaat.

Suitable for adults and older children aged 12 and above.

Tickets £10 (family discount available for block of 4 tickets)

Tickets available at the door and via Rumi’s Cave website