The Comedy Show (Nabil Abdulrashid) @ Glasgow River Palace


December 16, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
0161 225 0225
River Palace
41 Tradeston St
Glasgow G5 8BH

About The Comedy Show

16 city comedy show coming this December

This winter, as the temperatures drop, we’ll be turning up the laughter with a little help from funny men Preacher Moss, Nabil Abdul Rashid, Jeremy McLellan, Ali Official, Bilal Zafar, Prince Abdi and Aatif Nawaz.

Don’t miss this fantastic chance to chase away the winter blues for a great cause. The Comedy Tour is coming to a city near you.

In support of our Winter Appeal – ‘Winter Kills’

There is a killer on the way that returns every year without fail. The killer is winter and its victims are the world’s most vulnerable people, including those living in poverty and conflict zones and those fleeing conflict.

Winter invades damaged homes, shelters, and refugee camps. It bursts in through broken windows and roofs. It creeps through walls and seeps through damaged clothing and footwear. It’s at wintertime that those suffering most need our help. So, please gather your family and friends in support of this great cause.

**Please note, all ticket purchases are donations towards our Winter Appeal and do not cover the cost of the tour.**