The Fiqh of Prayer (As-Suffa Institute) @ Birmingham As-Suffa Institute


October 16, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
£32 - £40
0121 285 2777
As-Suffa Institute
156 High St
Birmingham B6 4US
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More Information:
The Fiqh of Prayer

The course will be providing students with an in depth knowledge of the rulings pertaining to Salaah (prayer) and their proofs through classroom teaching, tutorials and scenario based tutorials. The aim is to not only equip students with the knowledge of rulings, but also the application of rulings in our day to day lives; touching upon rulings related to issues in the modern day.

Why attend?

Prayer is a necessity for all muslims.
Who is this course for?

Anyone wishing to learn the rulings of Prayer, regardless of their previous studies.
The course will cover everything from the basic rulings to the more detailed and complicated matters.
Why attend?

It is of the utmost importance for a Muslim to pray properly.
Who is this course for?

For anyone wishing to gain a comprehensive understanding of prayer.

Please note: To qualify for the student offer , students must present a valid photo ID issued by their college or university that shows a course expiry date on.