The paradigm of time, spiritual retreat, Turkey 2018 (Rumi's Cave) @ Kilburn, London Rumi's Cave


April 22, 2018 @ 9:00 am – April 29, 2018 @ 9:00 pm
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Rumi's Cave
26 Willesden Ln
London NW6 7ST
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Our lives pass before our eyes like a fleeting vision. We are trying to grasp the moment, but every breath flees in exhalation, and the one that is in front of us is soon behind. A car moves down the motorway “swallowing” a mile or more of road a minute, and so pass our lives. We can’t hold on to the past, and as we anticipate the future it has already met us and flown by. Life is like a dream. Can you keep anything you saw in a dream? You may dream you are sitting on a throne with a crown on your head, surrounded by piles of treasure, but you can’t take the treasures with you when you open your eyes, nor will anyone treat you like a king even if you tell them that you dreamed it. Where is that dream now? How? What? It was just with me! We must, therefore, not allow our egos to convince us that we are kings with crowns on thrones in treasure filled rooms! But our temporary lives have a serious purpose: spiritual development That is our task, and a very serious one!

In an age where artificiality is rife, the twenty four hour clock and materialism is bellowing down over us. We struggle to find the work – life balance. Time has always been constant. With all our modern day comforts and luxuries why do we still struggle with the concept of time? Are we governed by time and can we be free of its constraints? How did the mystic, scholar Jalaluddin Rumi and his community utilise time? And what were the lessons they took?
Join us for a retreat tackling these very concepts and giving us remedies for these solutions and blocks in our mind.
22nd – 29th April 2018. Turkey, Istanbul, Konya & Iznik.

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Deposit is £75 per person due by Monday 5th March 2017
Led by spiritual mentor Sheikh Babikir & guest speakers. #rumisretreats #rumi #rumis #konya #iznik #bursa #istanbul #retreat #spiritualdevelopment #spiritual #retreats