The Year of Sorrow (Islamic Help) @ Whitechapel, London London Muslim Centre


February 17, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
London Muslim Centre
46 Whitechapel Rd
London E1 1JX

Mental health and emotional conflict is being discussed more and more in the Muslim community. However, a lot more needs to be done to help address some of the issues that arise from such a sensitive – and sometimes taboo – subject.

The Year of Sorrow is the name given to the period when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) faced some of his greatest emotional trials. His uncle Abu Talib and his first wife Khadijah (RA) passed away within months of each other.
At the same time, the Prophet (PBUH) was also under increasing pressure from his enemies. Despite this time of stress and grief, when it appeared he had no one to help him, he put his trust, patience and perseverance in Allah which led to the following revelation in the Qur’an.
“And rely upon the Ever-Living who does not die, and exalt [Allah ] with His praise. And sufficient is He to be, with the sins of His servants, Acquainted” – Surat Al-Furqan: 58

During this FREE seminar, we would like to help give some guidance and support to those who require it, using verses in the Qur’an and documented incidents during the life of the Prophet (PBUH).
We encourage everyone to attend this seminar, regardless of whether you suffer from mental health issues or not, as we believe it will be beneficial to all, Insha’Allah.

The seminar will be delivered by Shaykh Abdul Hameed who has spent many years studying psychology and regularly provides counselling to members of the community who are in need of it. As well as psychology, Shaykh Abdul Hameed specialises in delivering Tafsir seminars in his own unique and engaging style which makes it very easy and enjoyable to absorb the information being presented.

During the seminar we will also have a short fund-raising segment to support one of Islamic Help’s projects.
This will be a seated seminar; chairs will be provided for all guests.

The seminar is open to both male and female guests; the seating will be segregated. As the seminar is being held in the London Muslim Centre, we ask all guests to respect the dress code and behaviour code of the venue, please dress modestly. Children are allowed to attend this event but we ask all parents and guardians to kindly respect other guests. If your child becomes restless and starts to make a lot of noise, please kindly leave the seminar hall and return once your child is calm. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or evict any persons regardless of if they have a ticket or not.