Visit Turkey in the Footsteps of Ertugrul Ghazi The Rise of the Ottomans! (Al Buruj Press) @ Istanbul,Turkey Istanbul,Turkey


September 18, 2019 @ 10:00 am – September 24, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

Visit Turkey in the Footsteps of Ertugrul Ghazi: The Rise of the Ottomans!
A Trip for all the Bey and Hatuns! Eyvallah! We will visit the Birthplace of Erturgul Ghazi and other key historical places in Istanbul. Joined by a Special Guest Scholar which will be announced soon, book your seat now before it’s too late for this unique historical tour!
Package includes: Breakfast/Dinner, Hotel, Transport, Historical Trips in Istanbul, Bursa and Sogut (resting place of Ertugrul Gazi), Daily Classes and more
*Includes a lesson of horse riding and archery*
Dates: 18th September 2019-24th September 2019
Price: £600 (Does not include flights, email the address below to secure the cheapest and best flights)
Men and Women Welcome
To confirm your place, please email:

1) Haghia Sophia Museum
1) Topkapi Palace Museum
1) The Süleymaniye Mosque Complex
1) Sahabi Abu Ayub al-Ansari (ra) Mosque and his Grave
1) Bosphorus Boat Trip
1) Grand Bazaar
1) Visit to the historic cities of Sogut and Bursa, the capital of the Ottomans.
1) Visit to the grave of Ertugrul Ghazi (rh) and his whole family.
1) Fatih Mosque
1) Visit to the grave of the great commander Muhammad al Fatih (rh) who was mentioned in Hadith
1) Ottoman castles and ruins
1) Blue Mosque
1) The Blessed Mantle of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
1) The tooth of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
1) The Hair of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
1) The Footprints, Seal, Swords and Letters of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
1) The Keys of the Ka’bah
1) Cooking vessel of the Prophet Abraham (as)
1) The Turban of the Prophet Yusuf (as)
1) The Sword of the Prophet Dawud (as)
1) A Strand from Abu Bakr’s (ra) beard
1) The Qur’an that is believed to be the one Caliph ‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan (ra) was reading when he was assassinated
1) Swords of the Prophet’s (ra) companions
1) Fatima al-Zahra’s (ra) blouse, veil, and mantle
1) Husayn’s (ra) robe, his turban, and a piece of his mantle
1) Imam Abu Hanifa’s (rh) robe
1) Uways al-Qarani’s (rh) felt cap
1) The crowns of ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (rh) and Imam Sharani (rh)
1) The bowls of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi (rh)